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Review: Not at First by Phalla S. Rios

Not at FirstNot at First by Phalla S. Rios
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ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review <3

One girl, two guys...what's gonna come out of this?

One hell of a fight, that's for sure.

If not for some inconsistencies in the story development like who, where and when, it could be a brilliant book. Overall, I liked the twists and turns and scheming but really hated the main female character. She's just so immature and generally indecisive.

What rubbed me the wrong way all along was Angel's tendency to get involved with the wrong man.

From the very beginning I knew something was missing.

What you get at first is the "duo turned trio"

Kevin: uninhibited, tattooed bad boy, self assured of his good looks, charming toward the opposite sex. Angel's fellow student, closet businessman, cocky smartass.

Roman: refined businessman and gentleman with respect towards women. Rich and old fashioned. Enjoys to chase after a girl.

Stop there. Yes, I knew it. Here comes the "not-so-gentlemany" side of his. Caveman, control freak, brutal, manipulative jerk. Pure evil.

Angel: The girl has a big mouth. A runaway from a wealthy family, with cravings for affection, searching for love, she self-destructively steps right into the lion's den.
Why so desperately?
Girl, why were you so stupid?
Wasn't it enough?

As the story (and past) shows, the choice was always one but when you're blinded by a good disguise of manly affection, in this case what you see is NOT what you got.

Be tough

I'd like to share my thoughts if you don't mind ;) It's just that I really think if only some things had been changed in the plot it could have gotten a wide and very satisfied public. What I mean is that from time to time I had to wonder and guess some details like age of the characters - I assumed Roman was a few years older than Angel and maybe Kevin. In addition I didn't quite get the image of who is who and why it's the way it is. What intrigued me is why did she choose the medic school. And Kevin, how did he get into the business? Is he related to Angel's father? To Roman maybe? I mean it's the same company and the men seemed to hate each other from the start- like they have known one another for a while.
Has Roman owned the club all along or was it his cousin's and he bought it to keep tabs on Angel?
When did it happen etc.
What bothers me the most is that the relationship between Angel and the two men especially Roman has been moving too fast. From complete strangers they've suddenly become a thing (him with the urge to murder anyone who's a possible competition) and it seemed suspicious to me but maybe it was the author's intention to get the readers to wish things started in a slower pace so the girl could wrap her head around the whole situation.
I've seen the trouble coming all along.

Sorry about that. I just had to say what's on my mind. :)

3.5 angsty stars
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