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Review: Naked in Death (In Death #1) by J.D. Robb

Naked in Death (In Death, #1)Naked in Death by J.D. Robb
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My all time favorite ;*

The number of books in this series might be a no-go but don't be mistaken, it's worth all of your precious time.
Meet a badass Lieutenant Eve Dallas in a story of mysterious crimes, hypocrisy, passion, greed, love and hatred, and a futuristic, modern society.

And above it all, add New York as a background

Excellent plot with a lot of twists and turns, smart ass comments, ghosts of past and skeletons in the closet.

Ohh...and of course richer than God, a bad boy, sexy as hell Roarke...

"Roarke who?”
“Just Roarke"

"She had to agree that in Roarke’s case, a picture was worth a couple hundred words.

His image stared back at her from the screen. He was almost ridiculously handsome: the narrow, aesthetic face; the slash of cheekbones; and sculpted mouth. Yes, his hair was black, but the computer didn’t say it was thick and full and swept back from a strong forehead to fall inches above broad shoulders. His eyes were blue, but the word was much too simple for the intensity of color or the power in them.

Even on an image, Eve could see this was a man who hunted down what or who he wanted, bagged it, used it, and didn’t bother with frivolities such as trophies.

And yes, she thought, this was a man who could kill if and when it suited him. He would do so coolly, methodically, and without breaking a sweat."

The essential feature in the story:
What connects a cop and an ex-con?

A helluva passion and more...

“Do you think the penis ever gets tired?"


Anybody's. I mean anybody with one. Does the penis ever just think: for God's sake pal, give it a rest? Or is it all: Woo-who!! Here we go again!” -Eve

“Roarke: "Darling, before we shift into the official mode, what do you have on under that dress?"
Eve: "A device designed to drive men wild."
Roarke: "It's working. I don't believe I've ever seen your butt move quite that way."
Eve: "It's a cop's butt now, ace, so watch it."
Roarke: "I am." He smiled, gave it a nice solid smack. "Believe me.”

That'd be my vision of Roarke

And that attitude...yes, definitely!

And that could be Eve

Have I mentioned a badass? ;P

Go, read it! ;)

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