Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Wanting You by Ryan Michele

Wanting You (Forever Mine, #1)Wanting You by Ryan Michele
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Deke is a bad boy/bar owner/local band's guitar player/ undercover ex-cop since he's been kicked off of the force/control freak especially when it comes to the aspects of his life where he's been given the wrong cards before.
One of them being that of carrying the guilt of his brother's death or being broken hearted, disappointed and untrusting after Vann's disappearance over five years ago.

And as most of healthy, young, hot men he's hiding his true feelings with the use of a whole lot of meaningless sex with every woman who looks his way, digesting the anger, hurt and pain from years ago inside of him.
Past disappointments made him turn into the man he is now, but he's never been the same since.

Then Vann comes back home.

Now five years later, Vann is back.
Savannah (Vann) Kelly aka Gabriella Daniels, moved away from her hometown of Alabama in her junior year of high school to California with her mother.
Because of her father’s infidelity, her mother forced her to leave everything and everyone behind, including her friends, skipping saying goodbye to Deke, her high school sweetheart.

Her day job as an erotica writer is now kept secret from most of the world, besides her childhood friends, for the safety reasons as she's receiving very explicit letters, pictures from one of her readers.

There are some twists in the plots that might shock you not to mention some of the hot scenes between the main characters.
But the questions prevail:
Can Deke move past the hurt, disappointment and heartbreak and forgive Vann for leaving him before? And Vann...will her writing career end in tragedy? Will they both be able to move past it all?

Wanting You is a well written story of two people who were hurt by the ones they love, trying to forgive and overcome all the curve balls life has thrown at them.

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