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Blog Tour: Wake Up Call by Victoria Ashley

Title: Wake Up Call
Author: Victoria Ashley
Publication: August 8, 2013


My heart stopped and suddenly it was hard to breathe. His voice always had that effect on me. It was like poison slowly running through my veins killing me bit by bit. Like a drug that I couldn't get enough of even though I was almost down to my last breath.

Jace took a step forward and grabbed my hand. He slowly trailed his fingers over my face and backed me into the wall. My heart stopped again if that was even possible. "You can't leave," he whispered. "I need you." His warm breath kissed my lips as he bit his bottom lip and placed both of his hands around my face. They were warm and soft to the touch. Too big for my fragile face, although I wanted to bury myself in them. "Breathe. There is no one here but the two of us. Breathe," he whispered.

Avery Hale had spent her whole childhood abused by her drunken, hopped-up parents. Broken from a lifetime of hate and pain she grew up realizing that trust and love just didn't exist. Not in her world at least. After turning the age of eighteen, she packed up and moved far away determined to escape her hurtful past and start a new life. Once on her own she comes to the conclusion that the emptiness still exist. Doing what she had to to survive she found herself mixed up in exotic dancing and meaningless sexual relationships unable to feel anything, for anyone. She was sure that her life was worthless and there was nothing left for her. On the other hand, so she thought. 

After meeting a beautiful stranger, jace, her life suddenly is turned upside down. Everything that she truly believed suddenly gets questioned and then she is left to figure out if there is really more to her than she could ever have imagined. Jace, having some secrets of his own puts the pain of his own past behind to do what he can to help Avery.Can the love of another broken person be enough to help Avery, or is she already too far gone? 

Avery's life is pulled in many directions as she tries to find herself, and not everyone and thing is what they seem to be in this story of love, trust and opening up. Finding herself and learning to love herself might just be the hardest thing she's ever had to do.


      I jumped back startled as the bathroom door swung open to Jace standing there in his tight boxer briefs. A sight I had grown used to.
       He looked me up and down, his body covered in sweat, as he fought to catch his breath. I didn't understand what he was doing and it made my heart race.
      “Jace, what are you doing in here?” I took a step toward the door to escape but he grabbed a hold of my wrist stopping me in my place. My heart sped up and my breathing became heavy. "Jace."
       He looked me dead in the eye and without saying a word; he picked me up and sat me on the edge of the sink. He gripped my face and roughly pressed his lips against mine, causing me to moan. His lips were soft and sweet, just as I had imagined. Although, I wouldn't admit it. Not even to myself.
      The taste was too overwhelming, causing my whole body to shake as he gently ran his fingers through my hair and pressed his body in between my legs. I could feel his hands trembling as he placed them on the inside of my bare thighs while sucking my bottom lip.
      Suddenly, he pulled away and we both sat there panting and fighting for breath. His eyes were unreadable as he looked me in the eye and shook his head. My body leaned forward involuntarily, and it almost felt as if I were falling off the sink. I braced myself, pulling myself upright again.
      "Jace…" I breathed.

      He slowly backed away from me and placed his head in his hands. "Shit! I'm sorry, Avery," he said softly. "I don't know what came over me." He turned around and left me sitting on the sink, half-naked and confused.

Author Bio:

Victoria Ashley is an author from Rockford, IL. She wrote her first novel in 2011 after finding an app on her phone that allowed writers to upload their own work. After finding her passion in writing she then moved on to publish her first novel Wake Up Call, which has been viewed over thirteen million times on that website and plans to continue working hard to publish more in the near future. 

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