Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Blitz: Binary Law by M.H. Grace


Ellie Andrews has been receiving tutoring from Blake McCarthy for three years to help her improve her grades so she can get into one of the top universities to study law. And she’s had a huge crush on him since she can remember.

Blake McCarthy is the geek at school that’s had a crush on Ellie since the day he met her.
In their final tutoring session, Blake and Ellie finally become brave enough to take the leap of faith.
But, life has other plans and rips them apart.
Six years later Blake and his best friends Ben and Billy have built a successful internet platform company 3BCubed, while Ellie is a successful and hardworking lawyer specialising in Corporate Law.
3BCubed is being threatened with a devastatingly large plagiarism case and when it lands on their lawyers desk, it’s handed to the new Corporate Lawyer to handle and win.
Coincidence or perhaps fate will see Blake and Ellie pushed back together.
Binary Law will have Blake and Ellie propelled into a life that’s a whirl wind of catastrophic events and situations where every emotion will be touched. Hurt will be experienced, happiness will be presented and love will be evident. But is that enough for Blake and Ellie be able to live out their own happily ever after?
“I have no intentions of this journey ending anytime soon, but it starts tonight, with you and me”

My review

Binary Law is a great introduction to the rest of the Boston series and its characters.
It's the first book out of 3 and each one is a stand alone with a different couple as main characters, with different dynamics.
Also, the author has plans to release another erotic novella in December that isn't so vanilla :D... called "Club Quid Pro Quo"

Binary Law is a HEA story of coincidences, life and its ploys and basically lost and refound love, yet it doesn't lack of some steamy scenes.

The story of Blake and Ellie who happen to fall in love with each other in high school while he makes for quite a sympathetic and geeky tutor to her. 
What neither one of them is, is straight forward. 
They have a thing for each other but keep it hidden. 
It goes that way for 2 years...every Thursday is a "date". 
Just when they decide to overcome their barriers and come out with their feelings toward each happens and Ellie falls off the face of the earth.

6 years comes and goes, now she's a successful lawyer, he's a multimillionaire apps developer.

Somewhere out in the world.

Blake's never been the same again, she's his obsession.

There's a guy but Ellie's heart has already been taken. 

So she runs away from any commitment and comes back home...and guess what?
Not a long time later so is Blake. Back home. To where he belongs.

Law suits. Random meetings. 
Reacquaintances. Accidents.
Plots. Fake sociopath girlfriends.
Rebounding. Happily ever afters.



“Where did you get that?” I don’t hear the answer, I don’t even know if I said the words out loud.I find myself in a standing position next to Ben, shaking as I reach out to touch the instrument. Everything else in the room disappears, there’s no one in here just myself and Mont Blanc. I take it in my hands, close my eyes and say a prayer. I’m not sure if I want it to be his pen or if I don’t. But I need to know if it is his pen. I slowly open my eyes and roll it over.B.M.Those two letters innocently stare up at me.A tear is threatening to break through, my body already reacting, my breath being expelled too loudly.“Where did you get this pen?” I turn to Ben.“This pen?” Ben asks me in a questioning tone. “This pen belongs to…. Wait, you said your name’s Eleanor. You’re not Eleanor Andrews?”Realization crosses Ben’s face, his eyes widen and his lips part.“Your Blake’s Ellie” It’s not Ben that says anything, it’s Billy.“Sorry I’m late guys but…” We all look over to the door.His hair is no longer shoulder length; it’s short as in almost buzz cut short. His round rimmed glasses replaced with black square rims, his frame is no longer one of a seventeen year old boy but a twenty three year old man with broad shoulders, narrow hips and a strong chest. His not wearing an R2D2 shirt, he’s wearing a tee - shirt that says “Trekkies Do It Better” with black low slung jeans, a black tailored suit jacket that hugs his perfectly sculptured body and black hiking boots.He assesses me as I’m assessing him.“Blake,” I manage to breathe out.“Ellie” He drops the coffees.

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