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Blog Tour: Love, Succumb by Eve Davids

"Love, Succumb" is the first book in the Obsessed Men series.

Released: 21 August 2013

Genre: Romance/Contemporary

This novel grips your heart but leaves your mind a little messed up

Two souls …

Destined to be together
But just can’t be …
Eve’s life is going well -A job she enjoys, friends she loves, and a boyfriend who loves her and is dedicated to helping her achieve her end goal: Revenge.
Rene Ackerley happens.
A brilliant, beautiful man who has the world at the tip of his fingers. Money, Power, Respect, he has it all.
At thirty, he is the leader of a world-wide syndicate so powerful that its existence is almost legendary.
He is also the leader of the very men who took everything away from Eve.
The instant their eyes fall on each other, obsession becomes as real as the air they breathe.
They crave each other like drugs. They can’t bear to be apart.
But there is Bash. The man who has been in love with Eve since he was a young boy. She is all he knows. He will rather die or kill than be without her…

Chapter Excerpt

“I hate you, I fucking hate you. Do you understand?” Rene says in his low, mesmerizing voice.
My heart shatters, stops beating. “Why?” I whisper.
He grabs my hair and pulls hard. “Because you, my dear sweet Eve, have broken me. Destroyed my world. Before you, I’m not a man. I am nothing but a confused boy, sick with a longing for you that’s so great and terrible; sometimes, I feel as if death will be easier.”
A violent shiver rocks my body. I turn my head, and stick my tongue out, yearning for his mouth.
He groans, wild and hungry.
He tightens his grip on my hair. His other hand grabbing my breast squeezes tighter. “You … you.”
Rene’s wide sensual mouth covers my ear. His tongue dips in, and he licks, fast and wet.
Moans spill out of my lips, and my heart rages inside my chest.
My mouth is jealous. My pussy is angry. They want the bloody attention he is giving to my ear!
“Rene,” I plead.
“Hmm, Mon Coeur,” he whispers lazily, and slides his lips down to my neck. He continues licking.
He is doing this on purpose.
I am naked. Physically. Emotionally.
 He has me on my knees with my ass in the air. His powerfully muscular body pins me down, holding me prisoner."

There are still few copies available to read and review. If you're interested in helping to promote the book, please contact me or the author

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About the Author:

My first love was reading, then writing. I am obsessed with Movies, Books, Music, Fashion, and Art.
I'm a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, a traveler, a pessimist. If I can disappear into a movie or book world for the rest of my life, I will die a happy girl.
As long as I can bring quarts of Greek yogurt, and grapes, and chocolate along!
I always go with my heart, never my head.
At the end of the day, I'm just a young writer on the pursuit of happiness.
Love, Succumb is my first published novel. It's a story dear to my heart because it saved me from darkness.

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 Love, Succumb (Obsessed Men, #1)Love, Succumb by Eve Davids
My rating: ***3.5 don't-tease-me-like-that-anymore stars***
Review on Goodreads

This story grips your heart but leaves your mind a little messed up

"Love, Succumb" is a novel that introduce you to the world of the Obsessed Men.
And I mean introduce because you're treated to a dose of bat shit crazy situations, sexual attraction strong enough to cut the air with a knife and a lot of cliffhangers.

It ended and I have no idea about what exactly happened...but I loved it and it scares me. Am I masochistic? ;D

What's the fuss all about?

Two dangerous men, one woman, dark secrets, violence...and once again, the men, obsessed men, obsessed with the idea of having Eve for themselves? So many aspects, so many questions...

So the men, who are they?

Rene: Mr. Rich control freak and totally Alpha, possessive male, associated with the Syndicate (Syndicate? another unknown)

[ The story starts with a teaser, yes, a teaser and a promise of more but where did that go? I wanna know...

“I am going to fill your cunt so violently with my cum that no other man will ever be able to go in there again without you thinking of me. Without him smelling me on you. Do you understand?” Possessive much? ]

"Being this close to him, and feeling the rhythmic, arrogant way he walks, as if the entire floor belongs to this strong powerful body, makes me think of nothing else but brutal continuous fucking from this male"

"Rene believes he is an omniscient force because he figured out his raison d’etre when he was just a boy.


He was brought into this world to control, to rule. "

"For as he grew older, he realized control became as vital as the quality of the air that slipped into his lungs.

He craves it, reveres in it. And when handed over with no restrictions, he excels to the heights of the sky in it.

This is why he enjoys the awed silence his over six-feet frame and leonine build demands and receives from people."

Rene is obsessed with Eve from the very moment he'd laid his eyes on her, even more when she made him her personal verbal punching bag

"A thought, warning, cry. A plea.

Bad-no, catastrophic, viral-like. Incurable. A weapon of mass destruction so potent that it kills everything in contact.

Good-no, orgasmic, ecstatic. A colorful world, sunshine and rain. A one-and-only chance to right all the wrongs in life. A sudden rush of oxygen to a man buried alive. A phoenix being reborn. The very seed of life itself- strong enough to dispose of the broken, bitter specimen of a man the world has turned him into.

A tornado cluster of fucks rolled into one huge clusterfuck.

These thoughts zip in and out of Rene Ackerley’s head as he stares at her."

“They see her as nothing but another pretty face. These men don’t know how lucky they are. I envy them. There is another group of men though; those who the instant they set eyes on her, are cursed. To want her, need her. They will never forget her. They will find her flaws mesmerizing, and oh is she flawed, all that temper, and she is still young so she can’t control her emotions!”

Eve "whatshername" and the other characters - her friends, "adopted sisters" are tortured, abused with a case of big mouth and lots of pent up hurt and anger and a riddle of a past.

She's one of the twins, the weaker one but luckier as she still lives, unloved by her mother with eyes that lack color, very peculiar

"I learned that for girls like me, risks were the easiest path to a quick death.

So I avoided them like they were a plague.

This is why I am so bothered. Because from the moment I saw that man, every damn sense, or intuition in my body went off like a malfunctioning alarm all screaming one word: RUN."

"I was the child the doctors gave a 90 percent rate of mortality, the twin who was not supposed to survive."

Rene is the third wheel and Bash Rose is "the boyfriend" though Eve herself states that the thing with him is rather "comlicated".

"Bash has always been my backbone; I can’t imagine life without him.

I am too weak. I always have been.

To be with Bash Rose, I need to continue to fight, to fulfill the reason destiny threw us together in the first place.

I was fine with this. As of two days ago, I was. What happened then?

It’s this morning. Sam and Judas.

Strange and hard to believe, but seeing the damage pain and revenge can do to a girl as strong as Sam weakened my resolve. Revenge makes it impossible for the human heart to break free and hold on to anything else.

I am ashamed, but the truth is that I don’t want to be angry anymore. I don’t want to hurt anymore.
I don’t want revenge anymore, I think, tears spilling down my face.

To be with Bash Rose, it’s impossible not to want those things anymore. They are our bond.

But with Rene, everything is possible.

How he threw himself out there. Chased me like a mad man. Got angry at me, and then bluntly told me, he couldn’t stay away from me.
All of those things.
I want them.
The chase. The adoration. The look in his eyes.
I want to experience it, even if it’s just for a little while. "

There's something going on with the two ot them but it's all shrouded in mystery.

"I need to forget that mouth, those eyes, and the feel of those strong rough hands on my bare skin. "

"God, who am I kidding? I am in too deep already. I can’t forget him. I can’t forget him. How many days have we been apart? I’m already craving his voice, needing to feel that fire gaze as it burns every inch of my body. "

I'm really curious what is the revenge about...

For the majority of the story Eve played it cool while Rene has been chasing after her (purposefuly letting her abuse his perfect physique

"The pain in heart is heavy. I can feel the weight of my soul. Because I want this man, but I’m scared to admit it, even to myself. I can’t understand how such a powerful man, from generations of European Royalty, will want anything to do with me, a girl from no background or money, a child from the ghettos of Brazil."

"The high feeling I get just from being around this man is alarming. I literarily feel as if I am floating on clouds,  feel as if I can achieve anything when he looks at me as if I am the center of his world. "

"I know him, he is an honorable man. If he believes deep down this is how you feel then he will leave you alone. He can’t keep his distance from you because you are leading him on"

She'd been trying to dissuade the unexpected cravings of her body and mind, but eventually she falled for Rene.

"The high feeling I get just from being around this man is alarming. I literarily feel as if I am floating on clouds,  feel as if I can achieve anything when he looks at me as if I am the center of his world. "

But then again, there's Bash Rose, not just Bash, but Bash Rose (I'm wondering if he wears bowties too)

"I have known RenĂ© since he was boy and nothing, not a single human being has affected him the way you have from the instant he laid eyes on you. And here you are, quite cunning aren’t you? Dragging him along, while you have Bash Rose. You are never going to leave Bash Rose for Rene. I know you, I know girls like you.”

"With Bash Rose, it was always a lecture. He watched, and gave me pointers. There was no sexual tension. Okay, maybe a little, but nothing compared to when I set eyes on Rene that night."

"You don’t play with men’s feelings. Do you understand that, Eve? Do you know what you are doing? Blood will be shed if you don’t make up your mind. I’ve seen the way Bash Rose looks at you,  it's the look of a man looking at the reason for him breathing. He will never let you go, not without a fight where lives will be lost.”"

They'd seemed to be obsessed about each other but the way Rene acted at the airport? Was it intentional, planned, schemed? What the hell?
And Bear? What's his role in this? Does he play the devil's advocate?

So many little answers...I wanna more...

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